Lower Your Golf Score in Your Own Backyard
There isn’t a golfer in the world that is content with their score. What many golfers in Colorado overlook is that one of the most efficient ways to knock off a few strokes is to strengthen their short game. This doesn’t have to be practiced at the course; it can be done on an artificial turf putting green in your own backyard.

Whether you are a scratch golfer or a have a high handicap, there are always opportunities to improve your game. Using your time and available resources efficiently is critical. SynScapes of Colorado, LLC wants to help you make the most of them.

Making Time to Practice
It should go without saying that it will be difficult to lower your score if you are not able to make the time to practice. Take your drive, for example. The line drive is one of the key power moves to hone your skill and lower your overall score. After all, most golfers strive towards hitting a shot right off the tee down the middle of the fairway. Where many golfers could use improvement is in their short game. Every golfer knows that putting and chipping make or break their round. It could be a long putt across a sloping green or chipping off the fringe from an uncomfortable position. Knowing how to handle these tricky situations will take your game to the next level.

Practice Tips/Ideas
Some may be wondering what exactly to practice, while others may feel like they are not making any progress. To help here are some tips and practice ideas from the experts at SynScapes of Colorado, LLC:

  • Know your clubs. Every golfer should know when to pull out a wedge or an iron to make the perfect chip shot. The only way you will gain a golfer’s instinct is to practice different chip shots with different irons or wedges to find the right go-to tool for you.
  • Practice different swing lengths. Once you know your clubs, you should master them at a variety of swing lengths. Focus on quarter-swings and half-swings. You never know what shot you will need to have in your arsenal!
  • Understand how to play different slopes. Most people practice on putting greens that are flat. While this is still beneficial, it is a limiting short course compared to what you will find on professional greens. SynScapes of Colorado, LLC offers custom backyard putting greens that can add realism to your practice space including sloping bunkers, divots, and fringe collars.
  • Making Your Backyard Your Playground. If you aren’t able to get to the course, then you have to bring the course to you. An artificial turf putting green with SYNLawn® products gives you that opportunity. SynScapes of Colorado, LLC uses high-quality artificial turf that is built with the same characteristics of a real putting green without the high maintenance or cost. Our team of professionals will work with you to build you a custom putting green so you can improve your game day in and day out.

Practicing on a custom backyard putting green is a key way to improve your short game and master those tricky chip shots. The friendly team at SynScapes of Colorado, LLC highly recommends the affordable SYNLawn® Precision Putt and the SYNLawn® Classic Pitch surfaces, so you can simulate any position you may find yourself on or around the green. Contact our team today to learn more about how SYNLawn® artificial turf can benefit you, your home or commercial property!