If you have a SYNLawn backyard, you already know your synthetic lawn is gorgeous. But no matter what our outdoor space looks like, it can be hard to find a reason to get out of the house and get some fresh air. Backyard games used to be a popular way to spend time with friends and family, not just at barbecues! Why not bring a few yard games into your regular free time routine?

Not only are these games extremely fun to play, they are also a great way to spend time with loved ones all while getting some much needed outdoor time and even some exercise in the process! Read on to see five of the most fun yard games that don’t get enough credit:

Oversized Checkers

Not only are checkers a classic that never gets old, oversized checkers are double the fun! Plus, playing oversized checkers means being on your feet outside and getting some exercise. Instead of turning on the television, why not get together with a friend or family member for a game of life-sized checkers? Plus, with SYNLawn synthetic turf, you’ll always have a flat and even playing surface perfect for this game!

Lawn Bowling

Who needs to go to a bowling alley when you have a lane right in your backyard? Create teams and head outside for a fun game of bowling! It saves you the hassle of taking a trip clear to the nearest bowling alley and is just as fun. You can even make the rules up as you go! With even and soft turf from SYNLawn, you’ll never have to worry about unexpected bumps or rough patches. Your yard will always be able to turn into a bowling lane at a whims notice.

Corn Hole

This game is for more than just barbecues and tailgating. However, there’s a reason it can be found at almost every large outdoor get-together – it’s fun!! From tournaments to just tossing the corn bags around for practice, getting out corn hole is a decision you won’t regret. Kick off your shoes and head out on your artificial turf for a quick game or as many games as you want. Plus, playing corn hole outside of parties means always winning the tournament when get-togethers take place!

Bocce Ball

Most people have heard of bocce ball, but almost no one has played it. If you’ve never given bocce ball a try, you are missing out! This European game is essentially a combination of lawn bowling and curling. One of the oldest lawn games in existence, this game was played by Queen Elizabeth and even Leonardo Di Vinci! There’s a reason this game has been around for hundreds of years. If you own artificial turf or even a putting green, you have the perfect surface for a bocce ball playing field! Why not give it a try?


We all remember playing badminton in school or when we were young. But, did you know that badminton is the perfect game to play on artificial turf; SYNLawn’s synthetic soft, spongy turf means you never have to be afraid of diving for the birdie! You can play barefoot or in shoes but no matter what you wear, you’re always sure to have fun. Badminton nets can easily be set up and taken down. Their small, compact size when folded basically guarantees it takes up little to almost not space when it comes time to store away your net!

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