Everybody wants a great deal, especially on artificial grass in Denver, CO, but sometimes, the price you pay in the end is steeper than the initial investment you can make on quality artificial grass products from SYNLawn Colorado. Artificial grass is growing in popularity for several applications, from residential and commercial lawns to putting greens, but that doesn’t mean every seller or product is the same.

SYNLawn Colorado takes pride in having high-quality artificial grass at competitive prices. But if you see artificial turf for $.99 a square foot, it is almost always too good to be true! There is a world of difference and money to be saved between cheap artificial grass and competitively priced, high-quality artificial grass.

3 Reasons Why You Should Avoid Cheap Artificial Grass

Although there is a multitude of reasons why you should SYNLawn Colorado and our quality synthetic turf over a cheaper alternative, here are the three primary reasons why cheap artificial grass should be avoided:

Cheap Artificial Grass Doesn’t Look Quite Right

When you purchase artificial grass for your lawn or business, it needs to look and feel like the real thing, or if you’re installing luxury golf greens, it should look like a professional PGA course.

Cheap artificial turf does not look or feel like traditional grass. Instead, cheap synthetic grass feels like plastic. When you step on artificial grass, it should feel like you are walking on or experiencing real, living grass. High-quality synthetic grass from SYNLawn Colorado is full, lush, and does not sacrifice any looks or feel.

Apartment common area with artificial grass
Commercial multi story building with artificial grass courtyard

Good Drainage is Crucial

When it rains, natural grass and cheap artificial turf can quickly pool water. The last thing you want is your children or pets tracking water or mud in the house because they’ve been playing in puddles. Unfortunately, cheap synthetic grass usually is not designed with efficient drainage in mind; it’s designed to provide a good short-term look without any benefits.

SYNLawn Colorado understands the importance of drainage for lawns. Standing water is a breeding ground for insects and bacteria, so we make sure our artificial grass drains quickly and effectively. All of our quality artificial grass products come with superior drainage for rain and cleaning.

Artificial Grass Color Should Last Years

Some low-quality cheap artificial grass products may look great when first installed. But with cheap synthetic turf, a great look does not remain for very long. Artificial turf from SYNLawn Colorado is designed for longevity with a stunning green color that lasts for many years (we have a limited lifetime warranty!). However, this isn’t the case with inferior artificial grass.

Weather and normal wear and tear will permanently alter cheap synthetic turf. For example, the ravages of Mother Nature and the continuous exposure to the sun’s UV rays quickly dilute the color of cheap artificial grass. Likewise, normal wear and tear from foot traffic can pull cheap synthetic grass apart, creating rips, tears, and even bald spots.

Premium artificial grass can be a significant investment, but it almost always comes with years of enjoyment before having to repair or replace it. Artificial turf from SYNLawn Colorado is designed to withstand weather and consistent foot traffic. As a result, our synthetic grass products look great throughout their extended lives.

Waiting area with artificial grass

Superior Artificial Grass is Versatile

Cheap artificial grass is typically only for use as lawns or in small sections on patios. As a result, cheap synthetic turf does not have the durability or versatility to handle other areas or applications.

Quality artificial grass from SYNLawn Colorado is used in many ways. People use our synthetic turf to create luxurious putting greens that look like they belong on a famous golf course. There is also pet grass and playground turf specially designed to help keep your children and furry friends safer while providing them with a usable surface for play or relaxation.

Order Your Artificial Grass Today

Ordering and installing artificial grass from SYNLawn Colorado allows our customers to get the high-quality synthetic turf they need. Don’t be fooled by the lowest-priced artificial grass. While there’s no harm in looking for a good deal, it is essential to make sure you know what you’re getting.

At SYNLawn Colorado, our professionals are waiting to answer your questions and provide you with complete transparency on our artificial turf products.

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