We love our pets. They are part of the family, and no home is complete without a furry friend running around. But animal companions can be messy, especially if you have a dog who loves to romp outdoors and get dirty!

When considering whether to buy artificial pet turf for your yard, think of the benefits. For example, dog urine can kill your natural grass or cause unsightly patches. This is one of the many reasons why creating an artificial grass outdoor pet play area is a great idea.

Why Is Artificial Grass Better Than Natural Grass?

Why would you need artificial grass when you already have natural grass outside? It won’t take long after a dog (or cat, or other pet!) uses your yard as a play area before the answer becomes clear.

Pets are notorious for damaging grass, especially if they enjoy digging or marking their territory. Urine contains urea, which contains a lot of nitrogen and salts. These come together to attack your lawn, creating those infamous brown spots, better known as burn marks.

Have you noticed those brown spots on your lawn even though the rest of the grass is beautiful and healthy? Faux pet grass for your home is the superior option for avoiding this situation. Furthermore, when you create an artificial grass outdoor play area for your pet, you can train him to play and urinate within that space.

Synthetic grass is great because it creates an instant lawn on top of concrete and other hard areas. This is the perfect place for your canine companion to play and use the potty if you don’t already have a yard.

Not All Artificial Grasses Are Created Equal

Don’t make the mistake of thinking you can put down any type of artificial grass and have a thriving pet play area. It would help if you had the highest quality artificial grass and professional expertise and advice. Fortunately, both things are a phone call away at SYNLawn Denver, CO.

We at SYNLawn Denver, CO offer top-notch pet grass, and our synthetic grass experts help you with precisely what you need for setting up a pet play area. SYNLawn Colorado’s pet grass has all the features you want. For example, it controls odors and has fantastic drainage. This is the ideal grass for our pups.

Don’t Worry About Odor and Drainage

Cheap turf ends up with a disgusting smell after continuous use by dogs and other animals. Thankfully you don’t have to worry about that with SYNLawn. Our artificial grass is made from antimicrobial materials. So the bacteria in your dog’s waste won’t cause a lasting stink. Also, you won’t have to worry about nasty and potentially harmful germs growing in your artificial lawn.

Of course, a key element of keeping artificial grass fresh is good drainage, and our synthetic grass has the best drainage around. There are never any puddles sitting on or in the artificial grass.

This drainage also helps the interior of your home stay clean. If there’s any dirt on the grass, your pet will bring it into the house.

Get a Customized Design Plan

Of course, different dogs have different needs in their play areas and the synthetic grass. For example, an enormous Great Dane and a tiny Chihuahua require different synthetic yard plans. If you want a quality faux lawn in Denver, CO, our team knows all the factors that go into choosing the perfect synthetic pet grass.

And if you run a dog kennel or boarding facility, you’re in luck, as the experts at SYNLawn Colorado have a great deal of experience installing artificial dog grass for commercial applications.

When planning your customized yard, we consider: 

  • How large or small your pet is
  • The number of pets you have, and how many will be using the area
  • How large of a yard you’d like
  • The security measures you want or need to use for your pets

We’ll also take you through all the maintenance options and find out all your personal preferences.

Get a Free Pet Turf Consultation

Our team at SYNLawn in Denver, CO, will tailor a design plan to fit your needs. Call us today and tell us everything we need to know about your pet and the space you want to create.

Contact us today for a free consultation to get the process in motion. Your canine companion will thank you!