Artificial sports turf from SYNLawn Colorado is ideal for soccer, baseball, practice areas, fitness turf, sled turf, agility training, track and field events, baseball diamonds, & more in Denver and all of Colorado.

At SYNLawn Colorado, our top-quality artificial sports and agility turf is available for installation in communities across Colorado. SYNLawn has developed a revolutionary blend of artificial grass sports turf that helps athletes perform at their absolute best. Our agility styles SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ increase performance by allowing athletes to train longer and harder while reducing the likelihood of common conditions caused by improper shock absorption. Our low-friction, non-infill synthetic sports turf has a five-millimeter rubber padding and foam backing. These extra layers of cushioning decrease the chances that athletes will develop shin splints, muscular exhaustion, back fatigue, and other injuries when they give it their all each day at athletic facilities for training or competition.

SpeedTurf™ and TrackTurf™ from us at SYNLawn Colorado absorb energy under heavy foot traffic better than rubber flooring, traditional grass, wrestling mats, and many other types of athletic flooring. Both varieties of this specialized synthetic turf are customizable – with a range of colors to fit your school, gym, or facility’s needs. Our artificial sports turf is long-lasting with white lines built into the turf, eliminating issues of faded markings as found on conventional grass or fraying at the seams with inferior synthetic grass brands.

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Applications for Artificial Sports & Agility Turf in Denver, Colorado

In Denver and other Colorado areas, there are many uses for our artificial sports and agility turf, including:

  • Croquet courts

  • Soccer fields

  • Weight rooms

  • Fitness centers

  • Softball/baseball/tee-ball fields

  • Bocce ball courts

  • Weight sled tracks

  • CrossFit/agility courses

  • Tennis court turf

  • Multi-use practice fields

  • Batting cages

  • Soccer fields

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At SYNLawn Colorado, our state-of-the-art TrackTurf™ outperforms traditional rubber flooring in virtually every way. It is more durable, lasts longer, easier to clean, resistant to bacteria, and is more forgiving on the muscles and joints of athletes than traditional rubber flooring. Weight sleds glide easily over our blended nylon and polyethylene surface that creates less friction and is much less abrasive than competing products. Ultimately, our TrackTurf™ is a smart investment for schools, universities, gym owners, and coaches alike.


Take your agility, strength, and speed training programs to the next level with revolutionary SpeedTurf™ from SYNLawn Colorado. This durable sports and agility turf is strong enough to withstand the impact of indoor shot put training, cleats, and weight sleds. It also comes with an incredible warranty, making it an investment that will last through years of athletic and agility training sessions!

Athletic form artificial agility turf

Why Choose Sports Surfacing From SYNLawn Colorado?

Embracing artificial sports turf from SYNLawn Colorado presents a game-changing shift for fitness enthusiasts, athletic facilities, schools, gyms, and beyond all across Colorado. Our innovative turf solution redefines the fitness landscape, offering unparalleled durability and performance. Its resilient surface can endure rigorous workouts, ensuring longevity and minimizing downtime. Combining this top-quality surface with our team’s expertise in design and installation offers facilities of all kinds in Colorado the ability to enhance their surfaces with our much more reliable option, so consider it for your athletic spaces today!

High-Performance Surface for CrossFit

SYNLawn Colorado’s artificial sports turf stands as the ideal choice for CrossFit enthusiasts. Crafted with precision, our innovative turf merges durability and performance seamlessly. Its resilient composition withstands the rigors of intense CrossFit workouts, offering a stable and supportive surface that minimizes impact on joints. The advanced design ensures excellent traction, reducing slips and enhancing grip during dynamic movements. Plus, with its low-maintenance nature, athletes can focus on their training without distractions. Elevate your CrossFit journey by making the switch to artificial sports turf from SYNLawn Colorado!

Residential sport surfacing from SYNLawn

Available for Installation Across Colorado

Our team offers artificial sports turf, backyard golfing green design and installation, artificial grass for lawns, and much more! SYNLawn Colorado is proud to serve the Centennial State in the following cities:

  • Aurora

  • Boulder

  • Castle Rock

  • Centennial

  • Colorado Springs

  • Denver

  • Fort Collins

  • Littleton

Top-Rated Products for Agility Training & Track Turf

These are our best agility training and track turf products.


SKU: SYNSP | Total Weight: 58 oz | Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty* Game ready and fit for battle, this economical, multi-purpose turf variety is perfect for golf fairways and multi-sport applications both indoors and outdoors.

Find Out Which Synthetic Sport Turf is Right for You!

Artificial sports and agility turf from SYNLawn Colorado is available for order and installation in Denver and other Colorado communities. We are confident that your athletes will quickly notice a difference in their performance, stamina, and muscle tension following rigorous workouts on our specialty turf. With it, you can train longer, train harder, and train smarter! Contact us at SYNLawn Colorado for details and to get a free estimate today!

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