High-performance court surfacing for Colorado sport facilities

SYNLawn Colorado offers exceptional indoor and outdoor sports surfacing systems for facilities and backyard courts in Denver, Boulder, Estes Park, and throughout Colorado. Our multi-sport courts are powered by our SYNCourt surfacing for superior performance and exceptional, long-lasting quality. The SYNCourt sport court surfacing has a completely unique grip that conforms to the sole of nearly any rubber-based athletic shoe. This helps athletes excel in everything from basketball to tennis, volleyball, and even specialty sports like pickleball.

Our athletic court surfacing is notably different from the competition. We offer smoother, more forgiving flooring that helps athletes train more safely without losing the professional performance they expect because it is made with a high-stability, low-impact suspension system that reduces the impact of shock to joints and muscles. As a result, athletes can train confidently on our surfaces, knowing that they can return ready to compete the next day.

Sport surfacing installed by SYNLawn

All of our multi-sport court installations offer precise ball response without any bad bounces or dead spots. Athletes can enjoy consistent ball response every time they step out onto the court. Our surfaces offer lightweight flooring options that perform like professional-grade courts. At SYNLawn Colorado, we understand that there are no compromises when it comes to getting the best quality flooring system for your gym or athletic facility in Denver, CO.

sport surfacing backyard installed by SYNLawn

Many Sport Court Configurations to Choose From with SYNLawn Colorado

Facility owners, homeowners, schools, and more in Colorado communities have a variety of sport court configurations to choose from at SYNLawn Colorado, including the following:

  • Full court basketball configuration

  • Multi-sport configuration

  • Half-court basketball configuration

  • Tennis court configuration

These options and more allow you to have the exact surface you need for your spaces and requirements.

Backyard Courts

Elevate your backyard games with our state-of-the-art backyard courts, which are designed to provide unrivaled performance and durability. Our meticulously engineered surfaces ensure consistent ball bounce and reduce impact on joints, enhancing the playing experience for your whole family. You can also say goodbye to weather-related disruptions as our court surfaces stand strong against rain or shine. Plus, with easy maintenance and long-lasting aesthetics, our backyard courts are a smart investment for families and athletes alike in Denver and other Colorado communities.

Tennis Court Configuration

For tennis court configuration, our SYNCourt surface offers an exceptional blend of beauty and performance, delivering a consistent ball response that both beginners and seasoned players can appreciate. With a focus on durability, our tennis courts stand up to intense matches and changing weather conditions, providing year-round playability. Whether you are refining your serve or engaging in friendly rallies, tennis court configurations from SYNLawn Colorado can help redefine the game with unmatched quality and playability.

residential basketball surface installed by SYNLawn

Multi-Sport Configuration

At SYNLawn Colorado, our innovative multi-sport configuration solutions offer the ultimate surface for various sports, from basketball to pickleball, all in one space. Experience the joy of a hassle-free surface with our high-performance court surfacing, which is optimized for many different games while also ensuring consistent ball play and greater player safety. With customizable layouts and vibrant color options, you can create a dynamic court area that suits your interests.

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Court and sport surfacing for tennis, basketballs, backyards courts, and more is available for designing and installing in Denver, Colorado, by the professionals at SYNLawn Colorado. Our spectacular SYNCourt surface provides a high-performance surface for a variety of court sports and games. It is also customizable, aesthetically appealing, low-maintenance, durable, and ideal for promoting greater player safety. As a result, our court surfacing is a first-rate option for homes, businesses, schools, and numerous types of athletic spaces and facilities all across Colorado communities.

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