For the best artificial grass for Denver, CO apartment buildings, community owners can trust SYNLawn Colorado.

SYNLawn is proud to be a resource for commercial synthetic turf landscaping needs, and our artificial grass is transforming businesses and apartment complexes in the Denver area. Elevate the aesthetic of your apartment complex while saving time, money, and energy with SYNLawn Colorado artificial turf products.

Our artificial grass offers an inviting look to visitors, residents, and prospective renters all year long. SYNLawn Colorado experts will work within your budget to design and install synthetic turf that will upgrade the overall appearance of your apartment complex.

Benefits of Artificial Grass

SYNLawn Colorado has extensive experience installing artificial grass at apartment buildings. There are various benefits to having synthetic turf installed in your community, and here we list the most notable:

  • Realistic Look & Feel

    Residents of your apartment community probably enjoy spending time with their loved ones outdoors, but maintaining traditional grass for that purpose is entirely too expensive and high maintenance. Thankfully, SYNLawn Colorado artificial grass looks and feels natural and realistic. Kids will appreciate running barefoot on the soft lawn, and parents don’t have to worry about grass stains or divots in the ground. When prospective renters see how flawless your complex’s grass is, it will surely leave a lasting impression.

  • Endures Extreme Weather

    It’s no secret that Denver winters can be brutally cold and snowy. Inclement weather easily dries out and kills standard grass, but that issue becomes a thing of the past with artificial grass. No matter how much snow Mother Nature dumps on your community lawn, your synthetic turf from SYNLawn remains vibrant and pristine. Maintaining a gorgeous landscape all year round will help attract new tenants no matter what time of year it is.

  • Cut Back on Maintenance Costs

    Switching from traditional sod to artificial grass can mean tremendous financial savings. Keeping up with natural grass takes incredulous amounts of time, upkeep, and water. Plus, apartment managers often have to hire landscaping crews or additional maintenance employees just to care for grass. By switching to artificial grass for your apartment building, you can eliminate landscaping expenses and put more money back in your pocket.

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Choose your materials wisely and learn more about SYNLawn’s residential and commercial landscaping surfacing and synthetic turf. Our relationship with the local architectural community is one we value, and we look forward to the opportunity to provide you with the materials you require.

Types of Applications for Artificial Grass

There are several common uses for artificial grass in apartment communities, and the following are increasingly popular in Denver:

Dog Parks & Pet Areas

Community dog parks are a massive selling point for renters looking for a place to call home. Pet parents must have space for their dogs to run and play safely with others, and SYNLawn artificial pet grass can provide that.

Our premium dog grass has excellent drainage qualities to ensure rain and other liquids don’t pool on the surface. This helps with odor control and cleanliness. Furthermore, our artificial grass for dogs remains cool in the summer thanks to heat-dispersing technology. Renters with dogs are much more likely to live in an apartment building with an attractive, well-kept pet area than one without.

Common Areas

Common areas are essential in apartment communities so renters can have a place to hang out with friends or gather with neighbors.

Artificial grass is perfect for these spaces because it’s durable to withstand heavy foot traffic and consistent use. Plus, having artificial grass means that area will always look lush and vibrant, keeping tenants satisfied with the grounds.


SYNLawn Colorado offers a variety of playground surfacing options. Instead of mulch or rubber, consider having artificial grass installed underneath your complex’s play area.

It provides a safe, durable surface for children to play on, and parents will be thrilled that their kids are protected. Our playground surfacing is non-allergenic, easy to clean, and contains anti-microbial properties.

Putting Greens

Golf is a popular pastime during gorgeous Colorado summers, and putting greens are becoming a prominent focal point for activities.

Many apartment complexes are choosing to add artificial turf putting greens to their communities, as they entice residents with a fun, relaxing, outdoor experience that they can enjoy with friends and family. And the best part? You don’t have to maintain it, even after winter storms.

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