Environmentally-friendly, Non-Toxic Synthetic Base

It is an environmentally friendly, non-toxic material that comprises the synthetic base of the artificial turf system. It acts as a support for the turf blades, including serving as the footing, ballast, and shock absorber. While initially, most artificial turf bases used a rubbery material known as “crump,” Envirofill’s safer and cleaner option has taken center stage and is clearly the preferred choice of homes and businesses. In a nutshell, Envirofill is the latest in artificial grass infill technology and innovation.

Over the years, Envirofill has become the dominant material used in most artificial grass lawn installations for both commercial and residential use due to a variety of reasons.

Envirofill is durable, safe, and versatile. It is also easy to install, and environmentally friendly, and weather-resistant

Antimicrobial Protection

Envirofill is infused with Microban® antimicrobial protection. By inhibiting the growth of mold, mildew, and other bacteria, Envirofill allows your family, friends, employees, and even pets, to enjoy the outdoors in a safe and protected manner. This protection also guards against stains, unwelcome odors, mold growth, and dust.

    Clean and low maintenance

    Envirofill affords a low-maintenance solution for those looking to transition to clean artificial turf. Because of its Microbial qualities, it is free from stains, unsightly mold growth, and even odors. It does this by disrupting the bacterial multiplication process and breaking down pet urine rendering it virtually odorless, making pet grass a fantastic choice for your pets.

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      When it comes to the maintenance qualities of Envirofill, consider the following:

      • There is zero watering
      • No frequent top-off
      • Is completely resistant to compaction
      • Durable and shock-resistant (ideal for athletes and other sports enthusiasts)
      • Easy installation

      Homeowners and businesses alike have come to prefer Envirofill due to its overall consistency. During installation, there is no mixing over time, and the compound quickly settles into the turf, so there is no break-in period.

        It’s reusable qualities

        Envirofill is totally reusable. Due to its durability, it is warrantied for 16 years. This means when your turf wears out and needs replacement, Envirofill has the potential to be reused in your new turf. No wonder customers have been raving about its cost-effectiveness.

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