SYNLawn Colorado is a leading supplier and installer of high-quality artificial grass lawns in communities across our state, including Denver, CO.

Our superior artificial grass and synthetic turf products are ideal for residential and commercial properties as well as indoor and outdoor spaces. Our artificial grass lawns provide our customers with numerous advantages over natural grass and other landscaping materials. Some of our synthetic turf products are also specialized to help fulfill specific applications, such as our athletic turf, playground turf, and pet grass. By working with us at SYNLawn Colorado, we can help identify the synthetic grass that will fit your needs!

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Weather Resistant

Colorado is a beautiful state with a variety of people, landscapes, and weather. During the summers, many communities in Colorado can be incredibly warm; however, they can also be below freezing in the winter. Dramatic seasonal variations such as these can have a significant impact on plant life, including residential and commercial landscaping. Thankfully, at SYNLawn Colorado, we have a solution!

Our artificial grass lawns are an optimal landscaping solution in Denver and other Colorado communities because of their exceptional weather resistance. Typically, natural landscaping will wither or die as the seasons change in our state. This is especially true for natural grass, which can be obliterated by snowfall. However, our artificial turf will not. Whether facing a dry summer or snowy winter, our synthetic turf retains its lush, green appearance, providing our customers with consistent landscaping throughout the year.

Low Maintenance

Weather resistance is not the only factor that makes artificial grass lawns superior to their natural counterparts. Synthetic turf from SYNLawn Colorado is also incredibly low maintenance, especially when compared to natural grass.

Typically, owning natural grass creates several responsibilities for home and business owners. Natural grass needs to be watered, mowed, trimmed, seeded, fertilized, and more to maintain a full, green appearance. These activities can take up a significant amount of time for home and business owners throughout the year or cost a fortune if someone else takes care of them.

Fortunately, our artificial grass lawns require far less upkeep. Synthetic turf never needs to be watered, mowed, trimmed, seeded, weeded, or chemically treated to look its best. Our artificial grass retains its perfectly trimmed and green appearance throughout its long life and without a constant need for maintenance. The only activity our artificial grass lawns require is an occasional cleaning to help keep them as inviting as possible.

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Great Return on Investment

An artificial grass lawn from SYNLawn Colorado is a cost-effective investment for your Denver home or business. This is primarily due to the lack of maintenance required when owning synthetic turf; however, it is not the only factor.

As stated, artificial grass lawns are an incredibly low-maintenance landscaping solution. Without the need for consistent watering, mowing, and more, home and business owners with synthetic turf can save time and money on monthly water bills and landscaping costs. With natural grass, costs like these tend to add up over time, which almost always makes natural grass more expensive to own than artificial turf. Our synthetic grass lawns have no significant ongoing maintenance costs, making them far more affordable in the long run.

However, a lack of upkeep expenses is not the only factor that makes our artificial grass lawns a cost-effective investment. For residential homes and commercial businesses, owning an artificial grass lawn can be seen by potential property buyers as a fantastic bonus. In many cases, installing synthetic turf can help boost a property’s value, which can help home and business owners get a great return on their investment in an artificial grass lawn.

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Artificial grass lawns from SYNLawn Colorado are a phenomenal addition to nearly any residential or commercial property in Denver, CO and other Colorado communities. Our high-quality synthetic turf is ultra-realistic, weather-resistant, and low maintenance. These desirable factors help make our artificial turf a cost-effective investment for our customers.

Our synthetic turf is available for installation in several areas across Colorado. Depending on your residential or commercial needs, our team provides specialized artificial grass and synthetic turf products, including playground turf, pet grass, artificial putting greens, and even turf for roofs, decks, and patios.

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