Discover what a home putting green can do for your outdoor space!

The artificial grass craftsmen from SYNLawn Colorado provide homes in Denver, CO and other Colorado communities with exquisite, weather-resistant backyard putting greens. Our custom-designed synthetic golf greens provide homeowners, their loved ones, and their guests with an evergreen surface that has been specially engineered for the game of golf. This gives homeowners a space to hone their skills at putting any time they desire! It also provides them with an inviting and versatile green surface that can be used for picnics, relaxing on, and so much more.

Discover what a home putting green can do for your outdoor space!

Benefits of an Artificial Grass Putting Green

At SYNLawn Colorado, our artificial backyard putting greens can provide homeowners with several benefits, including:


Unlike traditional golf grass, our synthetic golf turf is consistently lush, green, and playable. It does not grow or become easily affected by wear and tear from club swings, foot traffic, the weather in Colorado, and more.

As a result, our home putting greens maintain a highly playable surface for years to come without an abundance of maintenance to be responsible for.

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The superior artificial golf grass from us at SYNLawn Colorado captures the look and feel of traditional golf greens just like you might see on your favorite course or a professional course.

As a result, our specially crafted backyard putting green installations not only provide an activity to a home but a work of art worthy of yours, your guests, and loved ones admiration.

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At SYNLawn Colorado, our Denver putting greens provide a stellar surface for golf, yet this is not all our artificial golf grass can be used for. Like our other synthetic grass products, our artificial golf turf is soft and highly durable. This ultimately makes it an incredibly resilient and versatile outdoor surface.

As such, our backyard putting greens are ideal for golf, lawn games and activities, picnics, relaxing on, and so much more.

Little Upkeep

Like the many synthetic turf products the team from SYNLawn Colorado sells and installs, our home putting greens require little upkeep, especially in comparison to traditional grass putting greens. This means you never have to spend hours upon hours making sure your putting green is perfectly trimmed and level, appropriately watered, and free from weeds. Instead, you can spend your free time practicing your short game!


Perhaps the ultimate benefit of installing a backyard putting green for a golfer or golf enthusiast in Denver, Colorado is the convenience. While most golfers have to commute to a course and wait for a tee time to get some practice in, you can instead walk out your back door and practice your putts whenever is convenient for you.

Practice on weekends or weekdays, mornings or evenings, or whenever else with a home putting green from SYNLawn Colorado!

Why Choose SYNLawn Colorado for Home Putting Green Installation?

Choosing an artificial grass company can be challenging in Denver and other Colorado communities. Thankfully, there are two essential factors that make the team from SYNLawn Colorado the superior choice for artificial putting green installation, which include:

Well-Engineered Artificial Golf Grass

Our SYNLawn artificial golf grass is an unmatched synthetic surface for golf. It has been specially designed with the help of professional golfers and is manufactured right here in the United States of America. In doing so, Denver, Colorado homes can equip their property with industry-leading artificial putting greens that are long-lasting, weather-resistant, and evergreen.

Putting Green Craftsmen & Professional Installers

At SYNLawn Colorado, we employ a team of experienced putting green craftsmen and professional artificial grass installers. Together, our team can create golf installations that are truly breathtaking in their beauty and playability, including indoor putting greens and mini-golf courses. So if you are looking for a company to provide your Colorado residence with a next-level home putting green, our team is here to meet that demand.

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First-rate artificial backyard putting green installations are available in Denver, CO and other Colorado communities from the professional craftsmen and installers at SYNLawn Colorado. Our team and our artificial golf turf are ready to provide you, your loved ones, and your guests with an unforgettable addition to your home that is long-lasting, weather-resistant, and undeniably beautiful. Contact us today to schedule a free home putting green design consultation!