Artificial Grass in Pueblo, Colorado

For decades, Pueblo, Colorado residents have turned to SYNLawn Colorado for help in making the transition from traditional grass to artificial grass for commercial and residential use. This is primarily due to the numerous benefits of synthetic grass lawns, including low maintenance, water conservation, eco-friendly and resilient qualities.

Pueblo is located approximately 20 miles south of the bustling Colorado Springs area. Endowed with breathtaking views and awe-inspiring natural habitats, the town has continued to attract new residents looking for open spaces and serene outdoors. Busy residents have been turning to SYNLawn Colorado for their artificial grass needs owing to its time and labor savings as well as all of its other numerous benefits. Below we highlight some of those benefits residents and business owners experience with transitioning to artificial grass lawns, putting greens, playgrounds and more.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass comes with numerous benefits, all of which can radically impact both your lifestyle and financial bottom line.

Saves Money

Everyone wants a pristine lawn. Many local homeowners associations demand that homeowners keep their yards immaculate to comply with local regulations. Unfortunately, this necessitates expensive and time-consuming maintenance work which must be done frequently. Whether you perform your landscaping work or you hire an outside contractor, there’s no disputing that lawn care is incredibly time-consuming. The clear answer is artificial grass for time savings. It looks perpetually flawless without the need for landscaping, watering, or other tedious chores.

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Looks Perpetually Green

One of the main drawbacks of traditional grass lawns is the sheer amount of work required to ensure the grass remains pristine. This is especially true during the hot summer months. Regardless of the amount of water used or chemicals added to the sod, the sod lawn can still succumb to a condition known as desiccation. Desiccation occurs during hot or cold months when the traditional sod lawn loses more moisture than it can replace, resulting in brownish patches. With artificial grass, owners are guaranteed a luxuriously green lawn that looks and feels majestic regardless of season, water use, or foot traffic.

Eco Friendly

Unlike traditional grass, synthetic turf does not require chemicals such as pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers to maintain its health and texture. These chemicals have been repetitively cited for environmental damage. Once these chemicals degenerate, they can negatively impact the soil, marine life, and even groundwater.

Additionally, the use of fossil fuels in lawn equipment results in environmental pollutants and carbon emissions being released into the atmosphere. The safer and more environmentally friendly solution is to install SYNLawn’s USDA-certified artificial turf, making these issues a thing of the past.

Works Great for Golfing Putting Greens

Golf is a highly-regarded sport in Pueblo, CO. After all, the terrain affords the perfect golfing turf for professional and amateur golfing. So it’s no wonder that SYNLawn Colorado has seen an upward trend in orders for artificial golfing greens installations.

Imagine installing an immaculate synthetic golfing turf in your backyard and being able to practice and play at your leisure. Not only does this save you time and money in commuting to distant golf clubs, but it can also significantly improve your game. Our synthetic golf turf is impeccably pristine and stays that way regardless of weather conditions, water shortages, or intensity of use. It is also relatively low maintenance in comparison to natural grass golf lawns.

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