Artificial Grass in Lakewood, Colorado

If you’re in the market for high-quality artificial grass in Lakewood, CO, look no further than SYNLawn Colorado. Over the last four decades, the SYNLawn brand has become synonymous with quality and excellence as more customers come to love the inherent benefits of synthetic grass.

At SYNLawn Colorado, our mission is to help our customers learn about the benefits of turf, and highlight its ultra-realistic, low maintenance, and eco-friendly qualities. Our artificial grass is ideal for residential lawns and landscapes, practice putting greens both outdoor and indoor golf greens, playground turf, pet turf, commercial landscaping, court and sports surfacing in Lakewood, and the surrounding areas.

For those looking for the quintessential suburban feel without commuting too far from the Denver metropolitan area, Lakewood is a perfect fit. Located to the west of the Denver-Aurora metroplex, Lakewood is a vibrant yet scenic town characterized by rolling hills and several small lakes. While the town enjoys a good climate to spend time outdoors, local residents have been switching to artificial grass as their lawn of choice for the convenience factor along with additional numerous benefits.

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Benefits of Artificial Grass

Artificial grass comes with numerous benefits, all of which can radically impact both your lifestyle and financial bottom line.

Does Not Require Water

Natural grass thrives on inordinate amounts of water. A typical lawn needs to be watered both in the morning and in the evening (or even throughout the day in summer). Artificial grass on the other hand only needs an occasional rinse with a hose to remove dirt and debris that’s embedded in the blades. This results in a drastic reduction of overall water usage and cost.

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Always Looks Immaculate

Unlike sod grass, artificial lawns are never affected by heat, cold or water shortages. The turf remains luxuriously green all year long with little to no upkeep. This is a huge benefit given natural grass requires a monumental amount of work in order to sustain it. And the work you do on your sod lawn does not even guarantee it will retain its luster in the face of extreme weather, which is not the case with the lush beautiful look of an artificial grass lawn.

No need for fertilizers or other harmful chemicals.

Artificial turf does not require the use of pesticides, fertilizers, herbicides, and chemicals to stay fresh and vibrant. On the other hand, natural grass must be treated periodically to enable it to withstand heat, insects, fleas, and more. Not only are these chemicals expensive, but they have also been linked to environmental degradation.

Low Maintenance

While a well-maintained sod lawn can go a long way in transforming the curb appeal of your property, it requires a tremendous amount of work in order to keep it that way. This includes repetitive mowing, weeding, seeding, and even chemical additives like insecticides, and fertilizers. In fact, many Lakewood residents subscribe to ongoing landscaping in order to comply with the requirements of local housing associations. Artificial turf on the other hand retains its luxuriously green appearance with little to no maintenance. Saving you from the hassles and stress of ensuring you are in compliance with things like blade length requirements.

Saves Money

If you’re a homeowner or business operator, you cannot escape the costs associated with maintaining your sod lawn. For many homeowners, keeping your lawn immaculate is a requirement of homeowners’ associations. Neglecting your sod is therefore not an option.

It is not uncommon for businesses and homeowners to spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year on lawn maintenance. Artificial turf is the cost-effective alternative to this. It does not require any ongoing maintenance and will stay beautifully pristine regardless of season or intensity of use.

Environmentally Friendly

Because artificial grass does not require the use of fertilizers, insecticides and herbicides, it’s safer for the environment. According to a recent study, the use of chemicals has increased tremendously in the last 10 years, and so has its impact on the environment. The unmitigated use of these chemicals eventually leads to nutrient losses to the environment and other adverse effects. These include contamination of the soil and drinking water. By adopting an artificial grass lawn for your home or office; you lessen the environmental impact.

Perfect For Golfing Greens

Golf is a favorite pastime for Lakewood, Colorado residents. But because it requires a near-perfect turf, it can be expensive and difficult to maintain and nurture a sod golf green. Especially if you are hoping to comply with PGA standards. The simple answer is SYNLawn’s artificial putting greens. Our synthetic turf is used on anything from complete golf courses to practice putting greens and driving ranges. It looks, feels, and plays just like natural turf with little to no maintenance. It is professional golfing quality and we can help design a golf greens or putting greens that are built to last and can be as challenging and complex for your own personal playing style as you need it to be.

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