Artificial Lawns in Littleton, Colorado

Most Littleton homeowners have both children and pets. Artificial turf is ideal for both. Here’s why: For starters, it is highly resilient to wear and tear. No matter the levels of activity by either pets or children, it maintains its impeccability. This cannot be said of natural grass, which is susceptible to digging. Second, our pet turf and playground turf are fortified with safety; our polypropylene layers can help cushion children and pets against falls and injury during playtime. Finally, playground turf and our pet turf lines do not harbor fleas, mold, pollen, or other allergens, which means children and pets are safe from allergens and biting insects.

residential artificial lawn installation in Colorado

No fertilizers or other toxic chemicals

Natural sod can harbor insects, pests, fleas, and other unwanted critters, thus necessitating the use of chemicals. In addition to being environmental hazards, these chemicals can be toxic to humans and pets. With artificial grass, no chemicals are necessary to keep it fresh-looking and dynamic

It’s economical

Maintaining a traditional sod lawn can be expensive. Whether you are doing it yourself or hiring someone else, the cost of materials and work can quickly add up. While occasionally water and a mild cleaning soap may be necessary for your artificial lawn, maintenance workers and lawn equipment are no longer required. This saves your water bill more money and reduces your unnecessary cost and expenses for monthly maintenance fees.

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We offer free consultations

Are you looking to make the transition? Our friendly customer service is ready to provide free consultations and will take the time to understand your needs. We will then provide a customized solution that is best for your residential or commercial property. If you have a specific use in mind or you need a multipurpose space, we can do it all, from dedicated artificial putting greens to shared spaces with different activities in mind. View our gallery for ideas on what we can do for your home or office.

Contact us to arrange for a free on-site quote. Are you tired of spending time and money on your home or business lawn? That can be a thing of the past with our artificial grass solutions. It’s time to enhance your lifestyle with our beautiful turf for your front lawn or backyard.

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Our professional artificial grass installers will meet with you on-site to discuss budget, desired features and functionality. We have experience working with both commercial and residential properties, so we can make expert suggestions based on your needs. We offer timely installation and we’re always available to offer support when it comes to maintaining your artificial turf. Request a free consultation today!
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