If you’re contemplating having SYNLawn Colorado artificial grass installed, you may be wondering how it holds up in cold Denver, CO winters. Colorado experiences harsh winters that kill sod and destroy beautiful landscaping. This article will discuss the benefits of installing artificial grass and synthetic turf, as it stands up well against frigid winters and severe weather conditions.

Artificial Grass vs. Colorado Winters

Snow, ice, and freezing temperatures are the catalysts for ugly, dead yards in the winter. Natural grass cannot stand up against freezing winters, but artificial grass can! Thanks to quality synthetic materials, SYNLawn Colorado artificial grass products won’t buckle under pressure from snow and harsh weather. We’re confident that should you want to outfit your home or business with our artificial grass, it will be sturdy enough to withstand whatever falls from the sky.

Benefits of Investing in SYNLawn Colorado Artificial Grass

As we’ve already stated, our artificial grass is high-quality and durable enough for harsh Denver, Colorado winters, and there are other noteworthy benefits to discuss. First, let’s lay out some of the popular applications for residential and commercial purposes:

  • Playground Surfacing

  • Pet and Dog Grass

  • Backyard Putting Greens
  • Mini Golf Construction

  • Lawn and Landscaping

  • Sports Courts
  • Roofs, decks, and patios
  • And more!

We’re proud that all of our artificial grass boasts unmatched strength while remaining soft, economical, and eco-friendly.

Remains Perfectly Manicured

Come springtime in Colorado, ordinary grass often requires reseeding in order to grow back after a brutal winter storm. On the other hand, artificial grass is ready to be enjoyed as soon as the snow melts! Snow and ice cover won’t fade the color of your artificial grass lawn or cause it any harm. Our turf is resilient enough to look flawless season after season. And better yet, you won’t have to bring out the lawnmower, edger, or chemical treatments anymore.

Excellent for Residential Lawns

While your neighbor is attempting to bring their yard back to life, you don’t need to do any maintenance on your artificial grass lawn to keep it looking stunning. Sure, you may need to occasionally hose it down or blow leaves away, but those simple chores are only necessary from time to time. Become the envy of your community by sipping a cold beverage while your neighbors labor for hours in an attempt to breathe vibrancy back into their lawn.

Impress Customers at Your Business

Colorado business owners are making the switch from sod to artificial grass to save time and money, while also impressing new and existing customers. We offer a wide range of synthetic turf products for businesses operating in several different industries.

Whether you need flawless storefront landscaping or turf for your restaurant’s patio area, our experts can get it done.

Regardless of the weather, your artificial grass will look beautifully stunning when it’s time for guests to enjoy the outdoors again.

In Denver, CO, business owners in the following industries are taking advantage of artificial grass to enhance their appeal:

  • Hotels
  • Restaurants (especially those with outdoor seating and patios)
  • Outdoor malls and entertainment venues
  • Gyms and wellness facilities
  • Pet businesses like doggy daycares and dog parks
  • Retail stores and more

Get a Free Consultation!

SYNLawn Colorado is pleased to offer free consultations for residential and commercial customers. Our professionals are looking forward to designing a unique artificial grass solution for your home or business that will enhance curb appeal and stand up beautifully against Colorado winters. Please contact us today to receive a free artificial grass quote and design consultation.