Nothing endears us to our loved ones more than a well-intentioned gift from the heart. But regardless of the occasion, we all know just how difficult it is to find the perfect gift. We always struggle with determining if the person already has the item, or whether they’ll actually like it, and so on. If you’re looking for a well-vetted gift for a significant other or someone who means a lot to you, we have a pleasant idea. Try artificial grass. Imagine surprising your loved one with a thoughtful, unique gift of synthetic turf installed in their front lawn or backyard, or what about an artificial putting green for the avid golfer or gifting the young family with children a synthetic playground turf to keep them safer when at play.

Let’s have a deeper look into why these would be an awesome gift:

Why Artificial Grass?

Is your significant other a golf enthusiast? Well, nothing quite makes their day better than a synthetic mini-golf course installed right in their backyard. Now they can cut down on time spent commuting to and from public golf courses. Additionally, they can practice their game right in their backyard. Not only will this boost their confidence, but it will also significantly sharpen their skills.

How about time spent mowing the lawn? You can help your loved one save money and time by installing synthetic turf. While natural grass looks pristine, it takes a considerable amount of resources to remain that way. This includes watering, seeding, chemical treatments, and the actual landscaping labor. Furthermore, these tasks have to be repeated often. And even then, there is no guarantee that the lawn will look as respectable as the rest. This is especially true during dry seasons or summer months when the grass tends to discolor due to excessive heat. To combat this, many homeowners utilize excessive amounts of water to nourish the grass. Not only is this wildly expensive, it is not a good water conservation measure. Installing synthetic turf immediately rectifies this problem, and hence it is one of the most thoughtful gifts one can ever give.

We live at a time when environmental degradation is a hot button item. The reason why artificial grass is one of the best gifts to give for any occasion is that it makes perfect sense from an environmental standpoint. Consider the fact that it does not require fertilizers, pesticides, or herbicides. These chemicals have been linked to environmental degradation. Therefore, the gift of artificial grass is one of the best ways to help your loved one contribute to a healthy and sustainable ecosystem.

Then there’s the best part: Does your significant other have pets or kids? Most likely, the answer is a resounding yes. Artificial grass provides a luxuriously cozy playground turf for kids and pets. Due to its multilayered composition, it affords a soft cushion against falls. The strong fiber and underlying layers make it impossible for dogs to dig, while its efficient drainage makes it less likely to retain pet odors. It does not harbor fleas or allergens, thus making it a healthy alternative for both kids and pets.

Finally, you can help your loved one command envy from their neighbors. Artificial grass looks and feels luxurious, immaculate, and stately no matter the season of the year. It can even add value to your home and surroundings. Your loved one can rest assured the grass will never wither, fade or discolor with time.

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