Playing outside is fun and healthy for kids of all ages. It keeps them active and boosts vitamin D levels, especially in sunny Denver, CO. However, a day playing out on the lawn sometimes spells trouble. Grass attracts pests and causes allergies in some children. It also makes a mess, from dirty shoes to grass-stained clothes.

Fortunately, you can solve almost all of these problems by swapping out grassy areas for synthetic playground turf or dog grass. Artificial lawns are not only safe for kids, but, in some instances, they are a healthier alternative to a grass play area.

What is Artificial Grass Made Of?

Artificial grass contains three separate layers that give it a realistic look and feel. On the bottom, a durable backing material holds grass blades in place and serves as a foundation for your lawn.

The central layer includes small plastic blades of grass, most often colored to a grassy green or bluish hue. Finally, a grainy, dark-colored infill supports grass blades and fills out the lawn for a more lush appearance.

Most artificial grass in Denver contains the same types of plastic that you find in your home. It’s safe for direct contact, even in individuals with sensitive skin. There’s little evidence that today’s synthetic grass used in lawns, play areas, putting greens, and golf greens are unsafe for any age group.

The Dangers of Crumb Rubber

While plastic artificial grass is safe for pets and kids, the same can’t be said about crumb rubber lawns. Instead of using plastic to make grass blades, crumb rubber lawns use ground and recycled tires.

While eco-friendly, this type of lawn contains toxic chemicals that are dangerous for kids, pets, and the surrounding environment. Crumb rubber also raises the air temperature above it, making it an uncomfortable choice on hot days.

Why Use Synthetic Grass?

You’ll be thrilled to know that artificial grass is safe for kids and pets. In many cases, it’s a better choice for households looking to ward off pests and allergies. Plus, dog run artificial grass is a game-changer for pet owners.

fake pet turf for pets and dogs

Playground Turf Doesn’t Attract Pests

Lawns can attract various pests, including insects, small rodents, and even larger predators such as foxes. Some of these pests carry diseases that are dangerous to both children and animal companions.

Fleas and ticks like to hide out in tall grass until they find a host. Their bite causes issues ranging from irritation to disease. Ticks are dangerous and responsible for Lyme disease, Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, babesiosis, and other diseases that can be harmful or deadly to our furry friends.

Switching to synthetic grass discourages dangerous pests from taking up in your garden. The backing material also prevents burrowing pests from digging down and destroying your property.

artificial golf greens for kids

Synthetic Grass is Hypoallergenic

As many as 5.2 million kids in the U.S. suffer from seasonal grass allergies. When the pollen count rises, sensitive individuals experience stuffiness, sneezing, fatigue, and redness or swelling.

While artificial grass won’t wholly eliminate allergic symptoms, it significantly reduces the pollen count in the immediate vicinity. As a result, kids are less likely to have an allergic reaction and need medications such as decongestants or antihistamines.

Dogs can also suffer from grass allergies, which is extremely unfortunate for pups who enjoy romping in the backyard. Artificial turf is a terrific solution to this problem!

no muddy paws with artificial grass for pets

No Mud or Mess With Kids or Pets

As any parent or pet owner knows, traditional grass makes a mess during playtime, especially in the rainy season of Denver and Colorado in general. Grass stains ruin new clothing, while dirty shoes track in mud and soil through the house. Some dogs love digging holes in a grass lawn, making a mess out of the garden.

Pet and dog turf is a much cleaner option when it comes to cats and dogs. They can’t dig through the foundation of synthetic pet grass, and waste is easy to wipe off and clean with just a hose or a towel. Kids with artificial playground turf won’t have to worry about grass stains or tracking mud.

If you want a synthetic lawn that’s safe for both kids and pets, contact SYNLawn Denver, Colorado, today to learn more about our residential and commercial artificial grass installation services.