Colorado is a state that takes its responsibility to the environment seriously. One of the areas in which Coloradans are striving to make a difference is in the area of water conservation. Many communities statewide have recently experienced below normal precipitation and below average reservoir storage, which have adversely impacted water supplies to a degree that the state activated its Drought Response and Mitigation Plan in response. SYNLawn supports the efforts of the local citizenry to conserve, and offers some of the most effective tools available when it comes to conserving water in the form of our synthetic turf products.

When you think about it, there is a simple equation behind SYNLawn’s synthetic turf’s water conserving credentials.

Artificial grass = no more need for watering = water savings
of as much as 50 percent

Think of how much water we waste attempting to keep our lawns looking their best during summer. SYNLawn synthetic turf products eliminate the need for watering altogether, allowing the average consumer to cut their water usage in half. Of course this also means that your water bills will drop significantly, putting money back in your pocket as you do your part to conserve.

We all want to do our part to conserve resources in our great state. The ability to conserve water while enjoying a yard that maintains its perfect condition year-round and saving money is a true gift for home and business owners. SYNLawn synthetic turf is one of very few products that can offer you all of this and more.

SYNLawn is working hard at being part of the solution when it comes to water conservation in this state. The inclusion of SYNLawn synthetic grass at your home is beneficial in a great many ways, and the conservation of a precious resource like water is one of the most rewarding.