SYNLawn® Colorado knows that the most memorable backyards are the ones that have plenty of activities and features for kids to play on, around, or in. Here are some of the best ways to give your space a facelift before spring and summer that will encourage your kids to be more active and spend more time outside in 2016.

1. Sandbox

Sandboxes are easy to create, inexpensive to maintain, and offer hours of enjoyment for children in a wide age range. Fill your sandbox with a variety of toys and tools to stimulate your child?s creative side, encouraging them to become a construction foreman, archeologist or excavator. Dump trucks, shovels, child-sized backhoes, and similar toys make playing in the sandbox even more fun.

2. Backyard stage

Consider constructing a backyard stage with seating if your child enjoys performing. The stage can be as simple as several palates joined together or as elaborate as a full stage with cover, spotlighting and bench seating. Whatever you decide, we’re sure that your kids will enjoy playing instruments, practicing their part in the school play and creating silly shows of their own. This is also the perfect place to set up outdoor movie screenings for both friends and family.

3. Treehouse

No great backyard is complete without the quintessential backyard accessory: a treehouse. From the elaborate fairytale-esque monstrosities constructed on the show “Treehouse Masters” to the simple backyard projects that families across Colorado build together on the weekends, treehouses come in all shapes and sizes. Treehouses provide hours of entertainment, a place for sleepovers and a space for kids to call their own.

4. Traditional playsets

Playsets come in a variety of styles, such as traditional, natural-built and modern. Most include some kind of swing set, climbing apparatus and slide.

5. Outdoor playhouse

Outdoor playhouses can be made from many materials, including wood and plastic. These backyard additions are perfect for young children who may be too small to climb up to a treehouse. An outdoor playhouse proves young children with their own space safely rooted on the ground away from the “big kids.”

6. Swings/Tire swings

While you can certainly go out and buy tire and rope swings from your local home improvement store, they are just as easy to make as they are fun to construct! Build a simple swing from two pieces of rope and a plank of wood or get creative and paint an old wooden chair and hang it from a sturdy branch. Decorate tire swings before stringing them up and watch your kids play with it for years to come!

7. Chalkboard walls

Who wants to draw on boring sidewalks anymore? Chalkboard walls are a great way to spruce up your fence line while giving your child a place to express themselves artistically with whatever pictures, doodles and words come to mind. Easily available chalkboard paint makes this DIY project something you can complete in just one weekend!

The safety of your child should always be kept in mind when designing the ultimate backyard for your family. Natural grass simply cannot hold up to the increased foot traffic your backyard is sure to see when your kids start inviting all of their friends over to check out the new treehouse or play on the new tire swing. More likely than not, there will be some falls and spills when your kids test the limits of their swings, go down the slide head-first or any number of other goofy games and activities we all did as kids. Make sure they bounce back up after a fall with SYNLawn® Colorado’s artificial playground turf.

Our artificial grass playground turf is the ultimate addition to any backyard in Colorado, not only for aesthetic and investment value, but for the safety of your children as well. Most of the injuries that kids incur while playing outside are due to uneven footing and hard, abrasive surfaces. The completely even surface of SYNLawn® Colorado’s synthetic turf ensures that your kids will never fall or trip due to uneven ground. Our playground turf keeps kids safe from falls of up to 10 feet in accordance with IPEMA standards and CSA-approved fall attenuation.

We offer a range of high-quality artificial grasses in various blade lengths and colors that can be used for playground turf in both residential and commercial applications. Our synthetic turf holds up well in high foot traffic areas, is durable enough to withstand all of the many weather changes that Colorado sees throughout the year, and eliminates the worry of your kids and pets coming in contact with harmful pesticides or chemicals. Contact SYNLawn® Colorado today to learn more about the countless benefits of making the switch to artificial grass and get a free quote for your backyard!