Artificial Lawns in Longmont, Colorado

Longmont, Colorado, is a city located just a few miles northeast of Boulder that is driving demand for artificial grass from SYNlawn Colorado. Residents come to Longmont to enjoy community living and other recreational activities such as fitness classes, youth sports, adult recreation leagues. These venues are perfect for commercial artificial grass and sport court. We can design and install a custom multi-use artificial grass solution for any home or business, indoors or outdoors.

The rising population here in Longmont, CO, created a demand for artificial grass for both residential and commercial use. At the center of this shift to synthetic turf is SYNLawn Colorado; our team of experts rises to the occasion and helps homeowners and business owners get the perfect artificial grass solution for their needs. We are one of the largest providers of artificial turf in Colorado and the U.S.

Here is a quick list of some of the numerous features and positive benefits of installing artificial grass and synthetic turf:

  • Low maintenance
  • Safe for kids
  • Ideal for pets
  • Eco-friendly
  • Look stunningly immaculate all year long

When reviewing the benefits, it’s not difficult to see why Longmont residents switch from natural grass to artificial lawns or synthetic grass in droves.

residential artificial lawn installation in Colorado

Benefits of Artificial Grass

Low Maintenance

One of the primary advantages of artificial turf is its low maintenance. With a custom installation of artificial grass, putting greens, pet grass, or synthetic playground, this is a huge plus to Longmont residents who now have time for other activities such as spending time with family, going outdoors, or relaxing at home. In addition, the artificial turf does not require extensive maintenance work such as trimming, watering, seeding, nurturing, nor countless applications of chemicals. Time savings alone are priceless. Or, if you have expensive landscaping contractors, you can expect to save big on the cost of landscaping fees often associated with natural grass when you make the switch to artificial grass.

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Safe For Kids

Artificial turf is popular at restaurants, kids’ playgrounds, city parks, and more because there are always safety concerns whenever kids congregate to play. We compose our playground turf of silicone-based blades with underlying layers of polypropylene that act as a cushion against injury and falls. This has made artificial grass and synthetic turf popular for kids’ playground turf at schools, parks, and daycare centers, and more.

It Looks Stunningly Immaculate All Year Long

One of the major benefits of artificial grass is its luxurious appearance. Synthetic grass is the best option if you want turf that looks amazing while still maintaining a natural allure. Natural grass looks pristine but only with intensive maintenance and lawn care. These tasks include incessant watering, trimming, chemical treatments, and more. Even then, the grass cannot withstand severe summer heat and intense foot traffic. It develops brown patches that are difficult to restore and damaged by prolonged use. These are all things that artificial grass lawns, putting greens, playgrounds, and pet grass easily shrug off. With our artificial grass solutions, you will have a beautiful custom lawn year-round, year after year.

Ideal For Pets

Many Longmont residents have pets, and installing artificial grass makes perfect sense. We all know dogs love to dig holes in natural grass. This damages the grass and causes uneven patches and indentations that become messy mud puddles when it rains. Furthermore, areas of poor drainage are difficult to restore. Synthetic pet turf is incredibly resilient. It is resistant to digging and maintains structural integrity even in the face of persistent clawing. It also retains uniformity and consistency regardless of use intensity. Finally, artificial turf does not harbor fleas, meaning your pets can play in a healthy environment.


We live in a day and age where environmental consciousness is front-page news. While governments play their part in environmental conservation, individual contribution also goes a long way. One way to reduce your carbon footprint is to install artificial grass. It does not require pesticides, herbicides, fertilizers, and other chemicals to sustain its luster. Experts cite these chemicals as one of many causes of environmental degradation.

Also, the use of artificial grass cuts down on environmental pollutants such as emissions from diesel or gasoline-powered lawnmowers. Finally, synthetic grass from SYNLawn Colorado is recyclable. Its components will not end up in a landfill and further degrade the ecosystem.

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