Artificial Grass in Thornton, Colorado

Artificial grass is all the rage in Thornton, CO, thanks to the fantastic synthetic grass solutions of SYNLawn Colorado. Thornton is a beautiful area with more than 2,000 acres of parks and recreational areas that are ideal for artificial grass lawns, playgrounds, golf courses, putting greens, sports courts and more. Thornton is the sixth most populous city in Colorado, which is impressive considering its humble beginning of only 5,500 residents in 1955. The gradual yet substantial rise in population led to an increase in the need for artificial grass and turf.

Colorado’s weather is unpredictable. It has hot summers and frigid winters, and homeowners and business owners often get tired of dealing with their sod lawns’ constant care and maintenance. So instead, they can convert their sod lawn to artificial golf grass, putting greens, playgrounds, pet grass or more to finally start enjoying their space with little to no maintenance.

Our team of experts can help you customize your home or business space with an expertly designed and professionally installed artificial grass lawn, sport turf, or have you playing golf daily with our artificial golf greens for residential and commercial needs. We’ll work closely with you to design and create a custom artificial putting green area worthy of the most outstanding golf courses. It doesn’t matter if you’re an amateur or a pro – we create a design that fits your skill level. Plus, you don’t have to commute to and from the golf course.

These are only some of the great benefits of artificial grass. The possibilities are endless.

Thornton, CO Residential Artificial Grass

Are you tired of waking up early on Saturdays to water and mow your lawn? Is it dreadful to look at your lawn after a brutal winter storm? We understand that pain and by making the switch to residential artificial turf from SYNLawn Colorado you will do away with the hassles that come from a traditional sod lawn. With an artificial grass lawn you will have the same beautiful look and feel as traditional sod but without all of the stress of daily chores. There’s no need for watering, mowing, weeding, or anything else with artificial grass. So toss out those expensive contracts with lawn maintenance companies and enjoy your weekends again. Enjoy your beautiful artificial grass lawn as you lounge in the sun, sipping a cold drink; and be sure to wave at your neighbor while he mows his traditional sod yard.

Artificial grass saves you money because you’re not using water for your lawn. It’s also eco-friendly because chemicals and gas-powered lawn equipment aren’t necessary to keep it looking green.

Artificial grass for your lawn saves you time and money, and we could all use more of those. SYNLawn Colorado has cultivated a reputation in the area for the best quality artificial grass products and friendly service. Every blade of our artificial grass is made here in the USA.

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The Many Uses of Artificial Turf

Artificial grass is genuinely versatile and used for an endless amount of applications, from putting greens to dog turfs. Here are just a few of them below.

  • Residential Lawns – Enjoy perfectly manicured lawns all year long without the hassle and maintenance. They look beautiful no matter the weather, and you’ll be the envy of all your neighbors.
  • Putting Greens – The perfect way to improve your game is to spend a few hours in your backyard every night with your own putting greens. You skip the commute to the golf course and practice on greens of the same quality as the ones used by PGA pros.
  • Pet and Dog Turf – You love Fido but not his habit of digging holes in your lawn. Artificial pet grass is so durable it will last for years, it helps to keep pests away from your pup, and it stays cooler no matter how hot the temperature.
  • Playground Turf – Artificial playground turf helps to keep your children safer from falls and other accidents with an extra layer of padding. Choose artificial playground turf to better protect children at play.
  • Commercial Applications – Businesses need to look great, so spruce up your green area with artificial grass. You can even add artificial turf to concrete areas to provide a beautiful green space that is low maintenance.

SYNLawn Colorado is Thornton, CO’s Choice

The choice is obvious. Traditional sod costs too much money, is a pain to maintain, and never looks as good as artificial grass. We have a cadre of expert professionals to answer all your questions about artificial turf. If you’re interested in learning more about our artificial grass for your home or business, then contact us for a free quote.

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At SYNLawn Colorado, we believe in providing you with the best synthetic grass lawn or artificial turf solution at the most reasonable price. Now you can enjoy a gorgeous turf that looks majestic all year round regardless of the weather. It is also low maintenance, and eco-friendly. If you’re in Lakewood, CO and want to make the switch to artificial turf, contact us today to schedule a no-obligation consultation.

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